Ordering new NetGuard card from overseas

Been awhile since I had to post here! I live in the UK now, and I can tell you: I miss New Zealand banking, specifically the BNZ App. Things are just not as modern here.

I have a specific question: I got logged out of the BNZ Android App due to a phone issue, and I’ve just tried to log back in; only to find out I can’t because somewhere along the line I have been issued with a new NetGuard card! The serial number does not match the one in my wallet. The replacement is probably in a pile of unopened mail at my Dad’s place in Havelock North.

If I am overseas, how can I go about ordering a replacement NetGuard card? It is not urgent, and once it gets delivered to my Dads, I can ask him to forward it one (hopefully in a package containing some more vegemite and some pineapple lumps).

I’d prefer to avoid using the overseas toll line as in my experience, it is really expensive.

Thank you! And hope you’re all well here.


Hey RC, you can do a collect call on +64 4 473 5901 and we should be able to sort this out for over the phone. Sadly we can’t do anything via social media or the BNZ Community as these aren’t secure channels, meaning we’re unable to verify your identity. Enjoy your Vegemite and Pineapple Lumps - being British myself I’m more of a Marmite fan. Any other questions let us know :slight_smile:

Thanks Laurence! I called and the lovely Vincent was ever so helpful, a new Netguard card is winging its way to my Mum’s now.

Awesome! Enjoy your Vegemite and Pineapple Lumps!!