Order of accounts

Just hoping that sometime soon we will be able to reorganise the order that the accounts come up in within the mobile app.
We can currently do this on the desktop site but mobile app categorises the accounts in alphabetical order with regards to nicknames.
I’d just like my everyday account to be the first I see, not my bills. Currently I have reworded my account nicknames to work around this but I’m hoping this isn’t far away from being developed?



It’s definitely on the list. We have a lot of competing priorities at the moment, so it’s still a little bit off, but we’ll get there.


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Hey @greenschemes,

The simplest way I’ve been able to get around this within my own app is to rename each account and place a number at the start of each name (sounds like something similar to what you’ve done).

It’s a workaround in the short-term at least.



Yes I’ve done something similar. I guess I was trying to put it across to the developers that we shouldn’t need to do this. It’s not a big thing but it’s an annoyance and would I would think, be a relatively easy fix