Opening and closing balances

The opening and closing balance with the dates in brackets at the top of the transaction page has disappeared altogether it’s just showing balance,available balance this is very annoying because when I go to do my weekly balance inputting transactions into MYOB for my business I use the closing balance as my figure to start the following weeks balance and also when you print the transactions out the opening and closing balance was visable now it’s not this needs to be fixed I know how to go to the old layout and I am still able to see the opening and closing balance with dates but for how much longer?

Hi Zoomee69,
We’re looking at adding the Opening and Closing balance into the printable version of transaction history now so with a bit of luck that will be ready for our next release which is due early June.  If it doesn’t make it by then it should be ready by the following month with our later release.  We’re not currently looking to add it to the transaction history as it is not something used by many people but for your weekly balance inputting, you’ll be able to either bring up the printable version of the page, or calculate the opening and closing balance from the running balance column.

That’s great if I can get the opening and closing balance printed on the new layout what about the calendar icons ie for instance I just did a balance from the 1st of May to the 9th on the old layout you just click on the dates required and then I  print and input the transactions accordingly into my MYOB to do my balance.

Hi Zoomee69, You can select dates in new internet banking by clicking on the Calendar icon to the right of the search bar:

Any dates chosen will show up at the top of the printed view:

Let me know if that’s not what you were after,