Open up new account on RealMe after closing an account


I was originally a customer with BNZ but I left because of limitations but now that BNZ has addressed those limitations I would like to move to BNZ again. I closed all my accounts etc. and my online banking has disappeared (as expected) but when I try to rejoin up again using RealMe however it says that I already a member. Is it possible for BNZ to remove record of my old accounts so then I can resign up using RealMe or do I need to go into a branch to get it resolved (currently I am at work at the longest break is 30 minutes so I am unsure whether the call centre will be busy when I have my break - I cannot ring up after work since I don’t finish work at 9pm tonight).

Hi @MatisyahuGardiner I have had a look into this with the team who process RealMe applications and can advise that if you previously applied for an account with us in the past using RealMe, then you cannot apply using the same method again. I’m really sorry but we can’t remove records of old accounts, so if you would like to open accounts with us again, you will need to do so in a BNZ branch. You will need to be set up with an appointment to open an account, so please get in touch with us to get this booked. Thanks, Jade

All good, I’ll head into my local BNZ on my day off to get it sorted. Do I need to set up an appointment to open up an account or can I just go down to my local BNZ and set it up over the counter?

Hi @MatisyahuGardiner I recommend setting up a scheduled time as there may have been changes to what we require since the last time you created your account. I wouldn’t want you to trouble yourself all the way during a day off to face the chance that no bankers would be available to assist you when it matters most to you. They could also confirm that you have the right information with you so you come prepared. You can arrange an appointment over the phone using our 0800 275 269 number.

Hope that helps