Open a joint account online?

My wife and I are both individual BNZ customers. We would like to open a joint account but with work it’s hard to find time to get into a branch… Can we setup a joint account online or on the phone?

Hi @TommySharp, this is a a great question - to open your first joint account with your wife, you will need to book an appointment in branch. This is not something that you can do online or over the phone, as we need specific paperwork sighted and signed in branch. Once you have set up your first joint account, you can then open up subsequent accounts online. I hope that this helps :slightly_smiling_face: ^Alisha

Thanks Alisha for confirming this… Are there any Auckland branches open late or on the weekend?

No worries @TommySharp :slightly_smiling_face: we have a number of our Auckland branches available - our NorthWest, St Lukes, Sylvia Park, New Lynn, Newmarket and Silverdale branches are all open during weekends ^Alisha

I am also wanting this online option. Our branch recently closed and the closest bank in 2 hours away in Taupo. Is this open Saturdays?

Hi @Aquariusm9 the Taupo branch is currently only open Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm

I zoom an option with the forms being dowloaded and filled in then scanned and sent back?
We can apply of life insurance over the phone why not a bank account via zoom?

Hi @Aquariusm9 when it comes to opening a new account, we need to fulfil KYC obligations. This means that we need to verify who you are, where you live and your tax residency. This does require a face-to-face appointment as we are currently able to offer video call appointments. I hope this helps ^Alisha

I’m sorry, did you say you are able to offer video call appointments?
Because this would be appreciated. My partner and I are looking at purchasing a home and were asked if we have a joint account. So it is something we would like to do. If not we will both have to take time off work to travel to Taupo.


Hi @Aquariusm9 my apologies, this was indeed a typo! We are UNABLE to offer video call appointments at this stage. We DO require face to face appointments in order to onboard new customers. Sorry for the mistake there :confounded: ^Alisha

:smiley: ok no problem, I was hoping for the best. Thanks for getting back to me.

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