Online eftpos

I have just seen online eftpos work on ASB. It looks amazingly convenient and fast. Is there any hope of bringing this to BNZ?

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Thanks for the question, @jhrushworth! @Eric, is your team across anything like this?

Hey Guys,

Online EFTPOS isn’t specifically on our backlog at the moment, but I know the payments team are always looking into new and exciting ways to buys things, this is a space we are working in.


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Cheers Eric!

As an online merchant, I don’t see what the business case is. Most of the banked population have credit cards or Visa/Mastercard debit cards so are able to pay online as it is.
Furthermore, being tied into Paymark is another issue. I have previously contacted them about their online gateway and it looked insufficient compared to the Payment Express offering.

Keep in mind these are the views of fellow BNZ Community users, and not BNZ.