Old Bank Notes


I went to an ATM in a small local area and was not happy to see old bank notes come out of the machine $20, I thought these were out of circulation - so I took them to the nearest branch and asked to exchange for the new $20 notes. Is it the reserve bank that puts the new bank notes in circulation.


Hi Yasmin, can you please let me know which ATM you went to so I can further investigate this for you? Thanks, Julia.


The question also would be, what are you classifying as old bank notes. The new ones are series 7 and for the $20 notes these are the ones with the bird in the bottom left hand corner and on the right hand side the clear oblong with $20 and some birds on it. The old ones are series 6 and they are the ones with the little round circle on the right hand side and a younger Queen with a sash from left shoulder. Both of these are still legal tender.


Thank you saying the series 6 bank notes are legal tender I was not entirely sure as the new bank notes seem to be in circulation. It was an ANZ ATM in Napier where I withdraw $80.00. Thank you. :pen:


I’m glad it’s all clear now :slight_smile: If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Julia.