Old Bank Notes

I went to an ATM in a small local area and was not happy to see old bank notes come out of the machine $20, I thought these were out of circulation - so I took them to the nearest branch and asked to exchange for the new $20 notes. Is it the reserve bank that puts the new bank notes in circulation.

Hi Yasmin, can you please let me know which ATM you went to so I can further investigate this for you? Thanks, Julia.

The question also would be, what are you classifying as old bank notes. The new ones are series 7 and for the $20 notes these are the ones with the bird in the bottom left hand corner and on the right hand side the clear oblong with $20 and some birds on it. The old ones are series 6 and they are the ones with the little round circle on the right hand side and a younger Queen with a sash from left shoulder. Both of these are still legal tender.


Thank you saying the series 6 bank notes are legal tender I was not entirely sure as the new bank notes seem to be in circulation. It was an ANZ ATM in Napier where I withdraw $80.00. Thank you. :pen:

I’m glad it’s all clear now :slight_smile: If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Julia.

Hello BNZ Community - I was recently at the Countdown in Napier and paid with the new fifty dollar note and was given rubbish ten dollar and twenty dollar old circulation notes and that happened again in Ahururi and asked for new notes - it not a good look for others as well very upsetting when you have gone to the bank branch and been given new notes from deposits and then in doing your daily shopping receiving old notes.

That’s a very strange complaint. You don’t like how series 6 cash looks? Did you know majority of NZs cash is still series 6? You can’t always expect to receive the least common series of cash when you are given change. I suppose when series 8 is released and they remove 6 from circulation you will start to dislike how 7 looks compared to 8. Your issue is petty…


The issue is actually quite relevant as had been to two bank branches here and they agreed with that and shop assistants have not always have the new series 7 and 8 notes and it is most upsetting for them when they have international business travellers and tourists to serve and handing out change. Also in withdrawing cash from ATM and given old bank notes that is appalling really from a bank branch and certain parts of the town which is run down not a good look to be honest. I like the $50.00 note and always have a few kept aside for nice winery lunches.

They aren’t old notes though they are current notes. Staff at a nice winery aren’t going to judge you based on the bank note you hold. Just remember there are way more 6’s than 7’s out there. If you are going to complain to someone you should really speak to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ). Your problem isn’t anything to do with merchants and banks using series 6 notes, your issue seems to be the fact that series 6 exists in the first place. No merchants or banks can help you with that. Direct your attention to RBNZ who are actually involved with the printing of notes and ask them to print more 7’s.


Thank you for your response I have been following the Reserve Bank of NZ online as well. I am sure they will be printing new ones this coming year for circulation. Having old notes makes one feel less inferior and not good for me or others. Best to pay with EFTPOS or VISA DEBIT and new notes in series 7 keep in the my nice handbag with my passport so if need to fly away for a weekend away have nice shiny new notes to spend.

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