Notifications for BNZ Mobile App

How about incorporating notifications into the BNZ Mobile App that come up in the Notification Center on the iPhone, and the equivalent on Android.

Like for example, when you receive a payment into an account, if a payment is due on a credit card, or if you reach a savings goal.



Good idea! We are looking into notifications and there should be something out early/mid next year.
Out of interest, what notifications would be of highest value to you?

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For me, mainly when you receive a payment into an account. I’m a freelancer, so getting notified instead of having to check if I’ve been paid would be ideal. If it could come up in the Notification Center with who the payment is from also would be perfect.

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I would second the usefulness of this function. Notifications that could be good are again a notification upon receipt of a deposit so you know if you got paid, of the success or failure of a notification, or of an account going below a certain balance, say your eftpos card goes below $20 so you can jump in and transfer some money.

A notification centre widget with current balances could be cool too.

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Hey, this is still in the backlog. Automatic payments have been the most requested feature, so we want to do this next.  APs will start after PIN/Touch ID login, which is coming very soon!

Notifications are still really important and I see them playing a massive role in peoples online backing in the future. We are very interested in hearing peoples ideas and thoughts about what they would want to see?