Not exactly a complaint entirely

Hi there. What is the bank’s deal cause I am thinking of moving to ANZ. I have noticed some good things about ANZ and yes I have not had an entirely self favourable experience with BNZ. I know my banking history is pretty crap but that’s not the point. My recent experience and BNZ personal loan being declined was not good news for my living, family, career, education and future- doesn’t sound very New Zealand to me at all. Sounds like something foreign. what am I saying? I am annoyed. I give so much to the country as a citizen, helper, indigenous and tax payer. Seems to me like the banks are just about their own wealth and not ours. Not our future.

Hi @traceym2018, I’m so sorry to hear about the negative experience you’ve had with us and the declined application. Please check out to see if this could be another way we can help you out instead. Thanks, Julia.

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