No warning when suspending Automatic Payments

I recently decided to suspend several Automatic Payments in YouMoney and do the transfers myself.

It was done around 7pm on the night before they were scheduled to be processed - they were scheduled for example to go out on 26/06 (after midnight) and I suspended them around 7pm on 25/06.

There were no warnings present while doing this (I checked in Classic last night, and there were no warnings in there either).

The Automatic Payments were suspended successfully (as far as I could tell) and they even disappeared off the “Next 14 days” panel in YouMoney. They are all fortnightly APs, so that makes sense.

To my shock, I discovered the next morning that the APs processed as well, which left my account somewhat overdrawn. Fortunately, these APs just move money around into different buckets in my own accounts, so I could correct the issue without too much effort.

Calling the service desk, I was told that you cannot make changes to APs after 7pm on the night before they are scheduled to be processed, and that there is a clear warning.

Like I said, I have checked again last night (both YouMoney and Classic) and could not see any warnings.

Hi @ouq77,

Unfortunately when you update an AP  after 7pm on the night they get processed, you are actually updating the payment after the one that is about to go out. You can see this detail in the date field.
I agree, this is confusing.
We are going to be doing some work that changes the AP process which will clean this up.


I find it frustrating that you cannot enter a end date to APs unless you call telephone banking and they do it.
more often than not you are doing a Ap for a number of payments or period of time so being able to enter the end date while creating the AP would be more efficient as as time goes on you lose track of where you are and have to look back and work it all out again to stop the AP on time very Frustrating  Thanks


I agree, being able to add an end date would be fantastic and this is on our list to add in the future. We want to try and make things as easy as possible for our customers so you feel assured in what you are doing. One thing I think would be great is being able to put in an amount, a frequency and an end date and we can calculate the payments for you, we need to put some more thought into this.

Unfortunately I can’t give definite timeframe on when we will be looking at this but we are constantly making improvements so keep an eye out.