No or slow responses from small business team

Hi, has anyone else had problems getting responses or prompt service from the BNZ small business team? I applied for a home loan in January, but responses to questions took so long that we ended up missing out on a house because the representative didn’t get back to us on time. I’ve now applied for a mortgage top up, which was submitted one month ago, and sent two chase-up emails but still had no response, except for the generic auto-generated “Thanks… We’ll respond within 48 hours” - which they haven’t done. When I try to phone I’m usually on hold for so long that my break is over and I need to hang up and return to work. Is it just me having this experience, or do others think the small business team needs more staff?

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Had enough with bnz been with them for over 25 years applied for small loan and got declined then they send an email to expand my business, taken over 4 weeks to get any answers,i have been told bnz are very short staffed and have no small business branch managers so im shopping around had enough M

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Hi @sarahe, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience with us so far and our lack of response to your requests. Customers have had longer wait times that usual lately and we are working to remedy this, but that’s no excuse for not answering a request from last month! I would like to help get this sorted for you, so please PM me with some information about you and your request (so we can find your file) and a time that we can call you so that you don’t take up any more of your break times?
@Maurice, I’m keen to chat to you too. We have just developed and launched a new system which helps us process smaller loans more efficiently and effectively and whilst this might be too little, too late for you now, I’d like to see whether I can help with your request and hear about your experience so that we can try to fix these problems and not lose any valuable and long standing customers like yourself!

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Hi Hannah for response( there is some one out there )how do we get intouch with you thanks Maurice

So I’m new to this, but I think if you click on my user name, you can then send me a PM.

Shocking…try 30 years with many loans running, and now we are put onto the small business team…the referral email address we were given by Partners when we were shifted is invalid…got an initial response after days from a hard sought call back contact [after our local manager -who can’t help us at all -hassled them].Emails back to that person are unanswered. I’m now sitting on the phone listening to their music and about to give up after 20 minutes.  Is BNZ really trying to make us all shift our business?

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well it is still a huge problem penalising small business owners

Hi @keedwellw, sorry to hear you’re having issues. If there’s anything I can help you with please feel free to reach out to me via private message and I’ll put the right person in contact. Thanks, Lawrence

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