No network connection available

The webpage is always slow to show banking info, then a red/white box with internet connection error shows and chucks you out of current activity. No other programs on computer suffer, have a good fibre line in.

Hi there, we haven’t hear of this error so thank you for bringing it to our attention I have passed on the feedback. I do recommend checking the browser you are using is up to date to make sure it is compatible with Internet Banking. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 275 269 if you have any further issues. -Adina.

While I don’t have slow connection on the site, it does come up with “that” error message. It is actually a new look time out message that ONLY shows up after you click on a link in the page. Under the OLD website design it used to log you out after a certain time of non-activity. They should reactivate that prior functionality.

While they are at it could they PLEASE scale down the icons for each account so that we can see ALL the fields that input transaction data. It truly is a pain in the backside to have to scroll down. Totally unnecessary for the icons to be that HUGE.

It is not a timeout for me as it can happen several times in a few minutes. I use XP and Chrome so that is probably the problem.

I’ve been having the same issue (that message) for some time. Multiple browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox under Windows 10; and Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on a Mac), all kept up to date. Can’t log back in with the same tab, as the error message keeps showing up. I need to close the tab and open a new one to log back in. It happens whenever it feels like it, with no obvious pattern, and certainly not the same as your timeout message when you’re logged out for inactivity. It’s rather frustrating. Have changed service providers recently, and the issue persists, so it’s not tied to a provider.

Happens to me on Win 10 Pro and I tend to use Opera, or Waterfox… so that rules out the XP and Chrome being at fault.

Come on Techie Team. Fix this please. I’m tired of it happening while I am doing a transaction.

Should time out ONLY after a specified period of inactivity… which is NOT what is happening to me. I can be in the middle of entering data for transferring funds between sub accounts of the main account and it happens. Epic Fail.

According to this good source, BNZ only has one upstream internet connection and that’s through Vodafone:
AS17472 Bank of New Zealand NZ-based networks
(I would have thought a company like the BNZ would have multiple internet connections and peering and not have all their eggs in one basket)

Anyway, I am also getting that error. I suggest BNZ check their own side.

Haven’t seen the infamous red notification sign for a while now. But… BUT… if I don’t have any actions during a specified period of time why doesn’t it log out like it used to? It means anybody walking by (highly unlikely in “my” home but…) can see all sorts of banking information. Now, it just sits there and then when I move the mouse, or touch the keyboard, “then” it comes up with the logon screen again.

Epic fail tech team, absolutely epic fail.