No credit card account visible


When using online banking, only my checking account and savings account are visible. I’ve recently activated my credit card, but can’t see a credit card account listed online (even though all of the pamphlets refer to a “credit card account”). Because of this, I’m not sure how to transfer money into this account when the time comes to pay my bill.

In light of this, how exactly am I supposed to pay my credit card bill?

Please advise. Thanks.

BNZ do have a suspense account that you can pay into for credit cards.
The number as per their website is
The particulars are your name, the code is the first four digits of your credit card, the reference no.  is the remainder credit card digits.

Don’t pay into a suspense account unless directed. Suspense accounts are usually used for exceptions and receiving funds to pay off accounts which are closed but still have an outstanding balance.

Hi @QU01,

I suspect the Credit Card account has not been added to your online access list. If you give us a call or pop into a store they will be able to get this sorted for you.