NFC Token Intergration for Payment

Hi Team,

I was not sure of the easiest way to get this idea in front of anyone or how to find out if it is already a thing so I thought that it would be good to start here in the forum of my own bank.

Basically I would love to see someone using NFC tokens as a way to launch the banking app and load a predetermined account number into a payment. This would be great for charities trying to fundraise on the street but this potentially good Samaritan work could be paid for through a business app plugin that allowed personal and business bankers to do the same thing without the tokens and using there own devices.

No one carries cash anymore but we don’t always want a statement or an account and we don’t want to spend time making the transaction. Even today mobile eftpos options or pay clip options are to expensive to stick in the hands or a whole work force or 100 street collectors. However using NFC to launch the app and load the account number means that as a customer / donator all I need to do is load in my chosen amount and authorize the payment with my pin / fingerprint etc.

Anyway its something I have thought about a lot. I think it makes sense but I have no idea about how hard it would be to implement with your current app and have no idea if someone already has this or an alternative solution on the go but it seems like a good question to ask.

Interesting idea, sounds like some of the things we’ve thought about over the last couple of years on how to transfer the payment receivers details easily to the pay and vice versa. The NFC idea is interesting, challenge is the iOS platform where we can only use this through Apple Pay, so there isn’t another way at the moment to do this using NFC. There are of course different ways to do a similar thing with QR Codes etc, but we’ve never found the killer use case for this as yet. But we love hearing these suggestions, so keep them coming!

Thanks Lawrence - so would your app be capable of talking to a third party app to launch a payment? Of course it would need to work with all banks to be most effective. But clearly developed in conjunction.