New year, new goals

Happy 2015, everybody!

Being back in the office and reading our blog on sticking to your savings goals in the New Year has inspired me to get mine sorted!

My strategy for sticking to my savings goals is: isolate a set proportion of my income from every paycheck and transfer it immediately into a special savings account that I’ve set up in YouMoney with a savings goal attached to it - it’s the first thing I do when I get paid.

I made the special savings account a Rapid Save account because it rewards me with bonus interest each month for increasing the balance in the account, and also gives me only one free withdrawal each month so I’m discouraged from dipping in regularly. 

I’ve also uploaded a picture to use as the icon for the savings account, which will hopefully give me a little bit of extra motivation to stick to my goal every time I log in to the mobile app:)

Hopefully I’m all set up for savings success this year!

What’s your strategy for hitting your savings goals in 2015?

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My strategy to hit my savings goals this year is setting up a dream board that I have on the wall in my bedroom. It has a visual representation of all the things I want to do to help motivate me. I’ve taken a picture of it and have it set as the lock screen on my phone and as the picture for my savings account in YouMoney. Everything I need to pay, including money for my savings account, is set up as an automatic payment so I don’t need to think about it each pay day. I’ve also worked out how much I usually spend on my credit card and have an automatic payment that goes to my credit card to cover what I know I’m going to spend.

What is your goal? :slight_smile: Also reckon it would be pretty cool if we could set up APs to allocate a percentage each time you’re paid to a (potentially hidden) account.

I have a couple of goals this year, @Alexis ! Short term I’ve saving for a trip overseas, and long term I’m aiming to get rid of my credit card - off to a good start so far.

What’s your goal/strategy for saving this year?