New internet - dissappointing

The new internet service has some nice search features - but for use with business it is slow [presumably downloading multiple graphics] and cumbersome. Not worth it! It is neither clear nor ‘smart’ enough to be of real value and worse still has broken a BNZ promise that it would not change the overdraft facility already set up on the old version. I am very disappointed with the new set up. BNZ have NOT been helpful here at all.

My issue is that we are paying more for our broadband to download useless graphics. I know a lot of broadband packages are fixed.
But we pay for a lot of useless waste. Fanciful graphics do nothing to enhance the banking experience.
I wonder what would happen if we turned the tables and asked the banks to pay us to use their apps across our broadband we pay for. What about a fee discount when we lose time and money trying to navigate errors in the banking apps.
Here’s an idea to make the mobile app better - just make it work! Or is that too stupid?

@Dave1 if something has been changed on your overdraft it won’t be because of the change to internet banking, would pay to call and get someone to check that out, when we change IB we don’t touch anything to do with your existing products.

@ford is there something in mobile that is not working for you? Or broken?  Please let us know so we can fix it.

On data,  I think you will find that the actual data usage involved in mobile is very small indeed, especially compared with may common mobile services and apps.  The images are small and compressed so as to minimise the size of the download.   We have always had this in mind from day one of developing our apps, it’s a balance between being minimalistic and making the experience personal and more engaging, we realise pics might not be for everyone, but they have been really well taken up across the board.

Yes, it has definitely deleted my overdraft and have now been declined a payment when using my eftpos card. When i advised a BNZ staff person - they just scratched their head??

…what’s more i have been told that i must apply to have the OD facility restored - I can’ t be bothered! This change over to the new internet service has been a hassle. I really can’t be  bothered with BNZ - that’s how I’m feeling as i have had multiple conversations and messages with no real action…NOT WORKING for me!!

Hi @Dave1, I have a feeling I know what’s gone on with your overdraft facillity, it’s likely an old system error that was actually fixed by the switch over to the new internet banking platform but I’ll send through a private message with more information for you.

@Nick I was speaking generally. I’m not disputing that your mobile app downloads are minimal but mobile data is very expensive. You add that up with all the other “must have” apps that people need it all adds up.  I don’t use mobile banking apps for that reason. I’m on a strict budget. I used to have a credit card with BNZ but that has since been cancelled due to non-payment.