New Internet Banking


I am sure you are very excited about the new look and feel of the site, can I ask where I find the site that is accessibility friendly for thse customers that use screen readers? I do wonder if the NZ foundation for the Blind were consulted in the chnage to what is essentially a visual enhancement to the customer UI. 

I can see it is based off the mobile app UI, and I would likie to say that the iPad app is particularly poor in using the real estate efficiently, the icons are very small with vast amounts of white space.

anyhow if you could take a look at assisting those that struggle with visual recognition then I think you have a winner.



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Hi Paul

I’m Adrian, I work with the development team on the new Internet Banking site.

We’re working hard to bring the accessibility of Internet Banking up to speed. To that end we’ve engaged a number of experts in the area, including the Foundation for the Blind, and from that work we’ve set a priority list of accessibility features to improve.

Top of that list is

  • improving our keyboard navigation
  • ensuring the site meets contrast guidelines, and
  • improving the behaviour of the site for screen reader users.

We’re working on these features now, and in the meantime if there is anything in particular you’d like to highlight or want to bring to our attention, please feel free to contact me eithr through here or email adrian_parker @ bnz . co . nz