New internet banking

  &  We would love to hear more about the things you find a muddle or confusing.  The key thing about this platform is that we are fully committed to make it what our customers need it to be, so the more info you can give us the better we can understand how to make it easier to do what you want it to do. 

What is it that you will need to go to the store for more ??

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I have been using the new interface for some time now and I find it easy and intuitive to use. I was happy with the earlier interface, but I have found the latest version a progressive step forward.


I will go in the store to do my transaction BECAUSE I do not like the way the new version looks or works, If you value customers… PLEASE reinstate the old version. Its that simple , there was nothing wrong with old version. Why reinvent the wheel, It worked as it was.

I posted this on another thread before finding this one:
Some things that need changing to make me happy:

  1. Put the logout button on the main page. I don’t want to have to go hunting for it.
  2. The icons for payees have text, but not enough to distinguish similar ones. Either reduce the font size a lot or just add more characters.
  3. While entering a new payee, I found the tab key function to step to the next field disabled. I therefore had to use the mouse - really annoying for people with dexterity issues. All systems should be ACCESSIBLE.

I am sure there’ll be more…

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@Viragored the keyboard nav will be fixed pretty soon and we have a few ideas on payees to help distinguish them.  And on the logout button, let me have another word with our designer !  We have conflicting views, so think you might have just tipped the balance.

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Thanks @Nick. And on the subject of the logout button, can we please stick with one-click-to-exit and avoid that annoying “do you really want to do what you just told me you wanted to do” question? Having successfully worked my way down to the logout button where it is now, I was really pleased that clicking it does just what I want it to!

And yet another thing I’ve just discovered - When I open up the list of all payees, I can no longer press the first letter of the payee and get close to the one I want.  It looks like I have to use the mouse to get there - please don’t force me to use the mouse. The mouse is not a good tool for everyone. Annoyingly, when I’ve got the list of payees up, pressing backspace does not close the list, it takes me back to the previous Windows screen so I have to log in again.
Then when I want to make a payment and choose the account, you make me use the mouse pointer to hit the tiny triangle that brings up the choices. At the very least let me click anywhere in the box, not just on the triangle, to get the list up. People who struggle with dexterity hate designs that force them to chase a tiny target. Please make your designs ACCESSIBLE!

I find the new system of Internet banking very confusing. I really liked the old system and would like the option to continue using that one. I like being able to see the status of my accounts on one page and feel much more I  control of the actions I take.  Please leave an option not to change for those who would prefer.

Glad I’m not the only one that finds the new one confusing! I access my business accounts via IB and the existing format has similar usability to tools we use such as Xero so this change (which appears to be for changes sake) would be a step back. I also ask we be given the option to stick with “classic” if we want to.

Hi @SusieB & @jessearcher The changes we have made are something we have not taken lightly and we accept that the change will take time for some to get used to.  We are at a point where our existing platform needs replacing and retirement so this has also given us a chance to start from scratch and improve the platform now and into the future.  So I can promise you it’s not change for change sake.  We will be shutting the old one down early next year so I can encourage you to do a couple of things. 

Firstly tell us what you don’t understand or find confusing about it so we can feed these improvements into our backlog.  Tell us what information you are looking for on the one page that you can’t see, and how you would feel more in control. 

Secondly, check out the help and tips here - to help you get things done.

Keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it  - good and bad.

Sorry Nick, but you are wrong.
If you discontinue letting us access Old Internet Banking in July?
I have 2 choices:
1 Go into the local branch and get them to make all the payments, transfers for me, (which is not what BNZ want I’m sure)
2 Find another bank which has a better format
Please note there are a lot of your customers who don 't do their banking on smart phones and can read, we don’t need all the stupid pictures taking up space on the screen. Please let those who want too, continue to use a great and easy to use and understand system
Thanks David

@DEFG I would love to hear from you about why you are unable to make payments and transfers in the new system, they are faster and easier and involve less steps, so please let us know what you find difficult about it.

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Hi Nick,
Firstly we will have to agree to disagree, it is not quicker to use and is quite confusing to use.
The colours, white writing on a blue background are hard to read and there is too much space wasted on the screen so you are unable to view all you accounts at the same time.
Also when you click on, say to make a transfer the panel that comes up is black on white but is too small.

Hi Nick, I agree with the other customer comments. I find the new internet banking web site slow to load. The pictures irritating, the white print on blue background hard to read, and the information I need impossible to find.

I’ve just been skipping straight through to your old site. I don’t know what I’m going to do if you turn it off in July. I need to access my accounts several times each day and the new site isn’t up to it.

On the bank statement printouts POS transactions still don’t show the eftpos card number. The old banking does show this . We need to see this to know whose eftpos card was used. If it doesn’t show, we will literally have to ring up the bank every day to find out.

Apologies if I am beating a dead horse here, but the latest BNZ “experience” for Windows 10 users is now broken on my end - I am being served up the desktop version of the mobile internet banking page in the Edge browser whereas the mobile site was being served up just fine just before. Does not affect mobile safari or mobile chrome. Please get your dev to check your web code. Your browser user-agent checks broken maybe?

There is something wrong with my internet banking for a credit card.
I can log in, and the link says the last statement date is 4th July 2016 but when I click on the link it downloads a statement from April 2014!

The problems not fixed but the customer services lady did open me a new bank account.
And that shows up ok I downloaded the banking app and both the accounts are there

On the phone banking app it shows an amount due with a due date but the internet banking on the computer shows no amount due and no due date.
I don’t understand how the amounts on the BNZ phone app are different than whats on the internet banking on the pc.

I will go into a branch tomorrow and see if they can sort it because you call centre didn’t have a clue. Also your internet banking technical people don’t work over the weekend.