New Internet Banking: Show PARTICULARS, CODE and REFERENCE on bill payment confirmations

Seems like there’s a bit of lost functionality with the new site - I used to be able to print bill payment confirmations and the old version would print the PARTICULARS, CODE and REFERENCE fields - now these don’t show up on the bill payment confirmation so it’s quite frustrating as I don’t know what the bill payment relates to - can you please fix this?

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Hi Ed, good spotting and this is something we are working on.

We have done things slightly differently with the confirmations to what we did in old Internet Banking. The main benefit is that you are be able to print confirmations for your past transactions (one-off payments, bill payments, fund transfers and tax payments), not just at the time of making the payment.

Unfortunately the downside to this at this stage is we were missing the statement details, but we hope to have these available early next year. I apologise for the frustration while you wait. 

If you are needing a confirmation with the statements details, you can switch back to old Internet Banking after you have made your payment and go to the Transfer/Pay page. You will see your payment in the list, click on the date and you can print one from there. This will only appear for the day before dropping off.

I hope this helps.


bill payments new non-site is blindingly frustrating, get it fixed ASAP, so we can action payments normally please

The old internet banking gave the option of saving new details to a payment.  However, the new internet banking does not give this option.

Hi @GayleC, sorry to hear you are having issues making a bill payment, I’d love to understand exactly what is frustrating you.

Here is a link that demonstrates the easiest way to start a bill payment -

Making a one-off payment is just as easy -

Another tip, if you open Payees from the Menu, you can start a payment to a payee by click Pay when hovering over a payee.

I hope this helps.


Hi @mtarawa, this is something we are still looking at doing but unfortunately I can’t give you any certain timeframes as to when, we have a few things that need to be done before we can get to it. But it definitely hasn’t been forgotten.


Hi @Milan,

Just adding another voice to @mtarawa, it is REALLY frustrating in new internet banking when changing statement details on a payment, that the new details aren’t optionally saved to that payee. I would have thought this is quite a basic requirement, and would ask/urge that it be given higher priority than it seems from your last message.

Hi @graham, I hear you and totally understand the frustration. This is still something that is on our backlog of work but we have some higher priority items that we need to get to first. Unfortunately I still can’t give you any firm timeframes but we will be getting to it as soon as we can. We have been trying to make the everyday activities easier for our customers but in this instance we have made life a little harder for some, we will looking at correcting that as soon as we can.

Your TOTAL lack of care for your customers through not providing the option to still use the Old Internet Banking platform is seriously UNPROFESSIONAL and extremely annoying.
BNZ USED to have the best internet banking platform, and still would IF YOU STILL gave the option to use the old platform,
And you CONSTANTLY simply reply with the usual crap of “you understand the frustration”…
If you did, the so called “new” platform would have the SAME or BETTER functionality, OR YOU WOULD STILL ALLOW the option of using the old platform.
You have no idea just how many people have lost respect and preference to bnz because of your STUPIDITY

I for one love the new system, it’s so much simpler and easier and finding transactions is a breeze with their search functionality now.

The old system was in need of a serious update

Great work BNZ on moving with the times and keeping up with technology


You have to be joking greenschemes…
I used to open old in one tab and the new platform in a second. Would speed up all needed to be done.
In a previous accounting position i had to log into every bank at times, the old bnz platform was the quickest and easiest to navigate of all of them… far superior to the rest.
Take a serious read at all the various complaints, lack of functionality, difficult navigation, options lost, the list goes on.
A serious backwards move by bnz
IF they had done things properly, they would have a BETTER product at launch date, the parallel to this is microsofts hurried rolling out of Blista (vista), simply to try and keep up with Apples Aero
Seriously sucks, i.t geeks need to launch products that WORK, instead of crap they think looks good

I think we will agree to disagree but I think it’s fantastic. Some small improvements are still needed but it is absolutely getting there.