New internet banking interface

As a long time BNZ customer, I wonder if there is anyone else out there who is as unhappy as I am with all the new changes made to the Internet Banking interface?

I find it very hard to track down and find lists or summaries of accounts and payments set up.  I do not want to have to go to a number of pages to see these.
Can you please, please, please not change mine to the new wacky set up.  Please leave it as it is.


@LucyB Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, but would really like to hear more about what it is you need to see and what you need that for.  We are all about trying to make this platform what you need it to be so the more detail you can give us the better we can understand what you need. 

What we do know is that all the info from the old platform is there, most of it front and centre from the homescreen without needing to dive into different menus.

Along the similar  lines as LucyB I’ve found  the site to be pretty but not particularly intuitive initially, however I have found where to go for most things.

What I can’t find is how to filter transactions by transaction type when viewing an account. To be clear I want to be able to see just my DD transactions or just my BP transactions etc. across all payees.

This is a highly useful function on the old site. Can you please tell me how I can do this on the new one


Thanks for that @CSA, there is no transaction type column now, its not something that has been flagged as super important to date, but accept it is part of the old platform so you have become used to using that to find your info.

If you know what transaction it is you are looking for there are a couple of things you can do.

If you want to find BP’s made to a particular payee, you can just click on that payee in the quick pay bar or through Payees in the menu.  This will show you all the BP’s made to that payee.

If you a looking for a DD from a specific company you can just type something like “Contact” or “Vodafone” etc in the transaction search bar in the account view or in the side panel overview and it will show you all the matches.

Appreciate the heads up on the transaction type thing, if there is a specific thing you do or look for using this then we can look at ways to improve it or solve it for you.


Thanks Nick
I dont think I was clear with my previous post. I’m happy looking up individual payees on the new site, what is missing is the ability to get a “helecopter view” of transaction type.

Examples of what I want to see … ALL my DDs for the fortnight or month ( or last 3 months) or ALL my BP transactions for the month, or ALL my transfers… etc… etc.

The premise that I would want to work at the individual payee level all the time on the new site is disappointing.  To do what I used to be able to do quickly and easily on line I guess I would now need to download a date range of transactions to a spreadsheet and filter there.

Can you offer any hope here? Future Change? Old site to remain in the background for those of use who want some of the functionality?

Cheers CSA

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I am unhappy enough about the poor design to consider moving my account. I like simplicity, do not need icons or pictures of a credit card, do not want a picture to represent a payee, would like high contrast for text (B&W is quite old fashioned but seems to work),would like to have the option of selecting text size, for starters. I do not need to be presented with my latest payments when I log on. I am capable of choosing what I want. I will give it a few weeks and then I’m out of here. BNZ totally stuffed up with me earlier this year when they wouldn’t follow instructions to transfer money out of a matured Term Deposit, and wouldn’t answer the phone. And for years I sang your praises. An unhappy customer after 22 years.


Most people don’t want even computer screens filled with the stuff.
Thanks for speaking for all of us on this issue.
Others make our world complicated. That’s why microsoft invented windows 10 to at least give us the option to get rid of some of the complicated crap they put on the version before it that nobody wanted.
Agreed with all your points.
After 22 years the truth bites hard.

We can still access Old Internet Banking, which is what a large number of us prefer.
We want text not pictures!
Is this going to continue to be an option?

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I am another long-term customer disappointed with this change! As someone has already said, I don’t need pretty pictures to help me do my banking, I need a functional interface. And I don’t find it easier on the eye at all. With the white background, the account balances in black and red, all accounts easy to see at a glance (now I have to scroll up and down to see all my accounts), funds available, and overall position clearly visible on the one page, the current interface worked very well for me. Have we got 12-yr-olds designing the web pages now?


Hello!  To those who are unhappy with the pictures of your accounts on the new Internet banking, you can send feedback directly to the website developers, which will help them improve our Internet Banking to help our customers be good with their money.  To do this, when logged into Internet banking, select ‘Menu’ at the top of the page, then select ‘Feedback’ at the bottom of this menu.  Any feedback is good feedback!

Hi!  I am another long-term internet banking customer and am really not a fan of the new interface.  It certainly feels like change for changes sake.  There is no benefit in the new interface for me, its busy, confusing to navigate and full of unnecessary fluff.  I’m not going to post any recommendations on this forum as I’ve already provided plenty of feedback through the test version of internet banking (mind you I never received any reply to my feedback).  If the amount of pushback from your customers isn’t enough to force a rethink on this change can you at least make the current internet banking platform available as a long-term option.

I’m a relatively big customer for BNZ and transact mostly online - if you force this change I will be seriously considering changing banks when my numerous loans come up for renewal.

Think evolution not revolution when redeveloping customer platforms!

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Agree with all the negative points about new format, hate it, has numerous shortcomings- one to add to the list, can’t find/see how to view all account balances in our Total Money group??

Website designed by 12 year olds, for 12 year olds and the attention deficit amongst us totally agree.

Why not allow users to toggle between old format, and new, permanently???

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Agree with Old_Salt, the simple solution is to toggle between old and new format as available now.

Serious, long term online banker don’t need pretty pictures and information we have not asked for.

Surely technology gives us the ability to address the needs of more than one type of audience.

Removing a useful function like the export account summary is certainly not progress…