New Internet Banking Balances don't add up

I’ve been struggling to make my cashflow add up from the point I changed to the new internet banking, and I’ve subsequently worked out it’s because the balances are not showing correctly in new internet banking, although they do in old internet banking.  BNZ team - I have also logged this via Contact Us in Internet Banking.

Hi @Georgie,

Thanks for letting us know. We have a fix lined up to be released tomorrow that will sort this out.


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You might be ordering pizza tonight. I’ve done lots of programming with dollar figures and rounding / math errors are a PITA.

Hi @Eric! Just checking to see whether this fix has gone in or not? Balances are still looking really weird, but it may just be the order, it looks like they’re not listed in order of processing so the balance is jumping around during the day and the final one is not actually the final balance.

Hi Georgie,  this change has just recently finished.  When you get a moment have a look and let us know if you’re still seeing something weird.  Thanks, Luke