New interface - unable to locate where I can export/print the page in pdf format

Hi there

In the old format it was easy to export a transaction list in pdf format, but I can’t locate that functionality in the new format. Where should I be looking?

This is important for us, we use it as a statement proxy for reconciling daily and weekly balances inbetween statements.I can see the CSV and other format exports, however they can’t replace this functionality as they don’t show balances by transaction.

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Hi @Georgie,

Click on the account with the transactions in question, then click the ‘Ctrl’ button and ‘P’ button at the same time.
Once you have done this you can print the transactions or save them as a PDF.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Eric. I’ve just tested it and unfortunately it’s not nearly as good as the “print this page” in the existing internet banking. If you search by date, it just gives the transaction amount and doesn’t include the balance. It’s also a reasonably nasty looking format unlike the existing one which is tidy, pages are separated nicely and information is clear.

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Hi Georgie,  you’re right, the lack of a running balance when doing a date search is something we’re aware of, and we’re also intending on tidying up the way pages print in new internet banking.  Both of these are on the list of changes we’ll be looking to make over the next few months.

Hi. Jumping in here after reading that the “old” Internet Banking to be closed in July. The issue that has been brought up here in February seems NOT to be resolved yet (?). Please correct me if I am wrong, I hope I am.

I have spoken to BNZ support staff twice about this (for me important) missing feature in recent months and had the feeling that I was not understood. I would really like to hear some clarification where this functionality is exactly in the new Internet Banking. I need to be able to select a date range and create a .pdf WITH the opening and closing balance for that time frame.

Awaiting clarification on this.
Thanks, Michael 

Hi @michaeld and @Georgie,
We’ve recently improved this functionality to make it so that the running balance is retained when doing a date search and also tidied up the printable version of transactions considerably.  We have a few more changes to this going in in a couple of weeks where we’ve added opening and closing balance to the print version and solved a scenario where sometimes the columns could overlap.
You can check out the current functionality by doing the following:

  1. Click on the account you’re after
  2. Click on the calendar icon to the right of the search box and select the date range you’re interested in:
  3. Press Ctrl-P to bring up a printed version and either print or save to pdf.

Give this a try and let us know if you have any issues,


Hi Luke

thank you for the update and the changes. Yes, the current functionality comes closer to what the “old Internet banking” offered. Once you add the opening & closing balance (apparently in a couple of weeks), that will work for me.

Hi Luke

Yes much better thank you!

In terms of aesthetics (which may not be important right now), some numbers are bold, however it’s not consistently applied (or I can’t see the pattern) and the headers and footers are very close to the edge of the page and a different font to the remainder of the text. It’s great having page numbers and run dates.

Thanks so much, looking forward to the updates coming through soon.