New chequebook policy makes no sense

From now on cheque books will no longer be sent out automatically. For businesses that still need them, this is silly. We need cheques for special reasons, namely cash cheques for bond refunds and to claim cash expenses. But from now on we have to apply for chequebooks. I suppose it is to annoy us enough to stop using cheques. We would if we could, but we have no choice.

I promise we’re definitely not trying to annoy you and I’m so sorry if it feels that way! Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll pass this feedback on to the right team.

It makes a lot of sense to me. Cheques should have gone the way of the dodo years ago.

Obviously you don’t deal in the financial end of a business. There are still many valid reasons for businesses using cheques, even if you, in your private capacity, don’t.

Keep in mind these are the views of fellow BNZ Community users, and not BNZ.