New BNZ Android app

The new BNZ Android app allows turning off Paywave (contactless payments). Good stuff BNZ.

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One thing I have noticed in the updated app is that if you select and eftpos card under the cards section it crashes the app. Works fine for a credit card. Is this an isolated issue or are others experiencing this?

I am using that app on a Note 8.

Just tried it and it’s doing exactly the same to me on both my Samsung S6 and Samsung Tab S2. Both are running Android 7.0.

So there’s definitely a problem. I have flagged our posts to BNZ.

Hi Guys,

There was a bug for Eftpos that was fixed last night. If you download the latest build it should work now.

Hope you like the new features, we’re really excited about them, and there will be more to come.

Please let me know how you get on.


The new app has fixed the problem for me, thanks. It would be nice to be able to administer all my cards through this app, rather than being limited to 3.

But, now that Paywave is disabled I can reconsider my need for the eftpos cards. I had originally obtained these to use at retail POS to avoid the risk of money being swiped via Paywave.

Though I seem to recall I have previously had issues using my credit cards with cheque option at retailers who do not accept credit cards. Can you look into this, please?

Hi @michaelnz,

You should be able to see all the cards that belong to you on the app. This isn’t limited to 3.

Can you message me at and I can look into this for you.