NetGuard Card Expired

I am not able to login to internet banking. I have a message “NetGuard Card Expired” when login on website. I have a Card with expiration.

Please tell me how to login it.

Hi there, if your current card is due to expire or has already expired a replacement will be sent out to you. It may be best to contact us on 0800 275 269 so we can look into ordering you a replacement. - Adina.

My card is expires end of 11/2022.
please activete my a card.

I live abroad. Is there a way to communicate other than international calls?

Hi there, great to hear your Netguard card is not expired. To activate it all you need to do is enter the coordinates on the back of the card when you log into your Internet Banking. Once that’s done it is automatically active. - Adina.

Could not activate new card. Because, when I log in to Internet banking, the screen to enter coordinates is not displayed. After entering the access code and password, the following message will be displayed.

NetGuard expired

Your NetGuard card has expired.

You are not able to login to Internet Banking because your NetGuard card has expired. Please contact us on 0800 275 269 so we can order you a replacement NetGuard card. If overseas, phone +64 4 931 8209. International toll charges apply.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear your Netguard card is still not working. Please contact us on the details provided in the message or visit your nearest BNZ branch to organize a replacement card. Thanks Adina.

I contacted you three times, but the problem could not be resolved. And I was waiting for your contact, but I have not heard from you. Why don’t you contact me?

I am in contact from overseas and I can not call many times.
Please solve my problem soon.

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear you called us and we weren’t able to assist you. If you feel comfortable please pm us your access number and we can organize a time to contact you. Thanks Adina.

Hi Adina, I could contact your support desk and fix the problem. Thank you very much for your help.

Hello di,
Sorry to hear your having issues with NETGUARD; I have had very similar issues before.
I do also live most of time Overseas - ponly visit family during my holidays.
I love the NETGUARD - its foolproof system ( yes it might be an oldfashioned method of authen’ting you- but it has kept me safe doing backing from all parts of the world - love it!
I also found out the hard way - these points,most of these NOT EVERN SOME BNZ STAFF know off…sadly:-

  1. when BNZ posts the card to you home address O/seas - it often gets to you way pas its DUE DATE for “online approvals” … which used to be 10 days , not sure what it is now …
    2)So you have to call BNZ staff and hopefully you get someone who is helpful and does that after all the endless 'authentation steps" … or they might ask you >> go to a BRNACH !! (yes been told that often by the helpdesk!
  2. BNZ app ( downloadable ONLY in certain country) for security reason - is not heopfull either …as it needs thatACTIVE CARD!
    4…in short>>…best tip for people who are often overseas ( like me) is to call COLLECT ( yes you cannot do thay via your CELL PHONE when treavelling and MOST COUNTRIES DONT HAVE PAY PHONES ETC - and they even wont be able to dial “collect”

so call the LOST AND STOLEN CARD NUMBER , give them you account etc (once they know you are a valod customer ) they WILL OFTEN CALL YOU BACK …
nicest people in lost/stolen card dept are often fast, acurate and very helpfull ( like most BNZ staff)…

for me I still brag about NETGUARD and its benefits , ( nope I dont work for them nor any way related work to BNZ) ,

hope my tip is of help, next time you have issues
happy travelling