My account fee is $115 a month

I have an On Call account and I’m receiving a monthly account fee of $115. When I first built an account with BNZ, it was $5 a month. Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve done nothing with my card or account except pay for groceries and other things, I haven’t done transfers, withdraws, etc.

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Hi Ophelie,
Thanks for getting in touch! I have sent you a private message as we would like to give you a call to get this sorted as soon as possible.
It sounds as though this account has been linked to your card to make everyday purchases which would be the reason why you are receiving these kinds of fees. With our Personal OnCall account, there are no transaction fees for Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking and Automatic Payments. A $5.00 withdrawal fee applies when you transfer money out of your account using any other method e.g.: EFTPOS/ATM transactions, Direct Debits.
If you are able to reply to our private message, we will do our best to get this sorted.

Thanks! -Tarah

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Hi @Ophelie, please let us know if this was resolved for you :slight_smile: If not we’ll follow up asap. Thanks,