Most user friendly way to receive international payments

I’ve just become an author on and will likely be receiving a small monthly payment from Amazon depending on my sales. Amazon pays through two means; one, international electronic transfer, or two, a posted cheque.
Of course electronic transfer is preferable, as it’s more secure; but with your average electronic payment there appears to be a substantial fee for each transaction; for example, if I manage to make 100 dollars in a month, then 15% of it goes toward simply processing the transaction from this end.

Is anyone aware of any e-commerce or business options with BNZ that would allow for receiving electronic transactions with a much more palatable fee at this end?

How about this?

Amazon are listed as one of their payout partners. TBH the only gig banks know is SWIFT who have not updated their offering (in any way I can see) since the dark ages.

Hi Pete, Inward international payments less than $200NZD equivalent are waived the inward payment fee. When you say small monthly payments, will they be that small?

At this point Megan, it’s hard to tell - the initial payment won’t be, but
it’s entire possible that upcoming payments will be as small or smaller.