Mortgage repayment - why is it so hard

Anyone else experience the same frustration as I do when trying to make unscheduled or one off payments against a floating home loan? why is it that you have to ring and speak to someone. Surely if online banking has the ability to transfer between accounts, with drag and drop functionality, can this not be extended to Mortgage payments.

The painful time spent on hold waiting for a operator is less than ideal. One would suspect the bank is reluctant to make it too easy for people to pay off their loans.


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Hi @Echo its something we are getting to, acknowledge that it should be that easy, I agree totally and it will be soonish.

Completely agree. I suspect with the different account number format, the mortgage accounts will be in a completely different system. Sounds like some clever software development required to link the two up.

Aussie banks do this via internet banking so not sure why we are so far behind the times given we are an Aussie bank. Do love the new feature where I can increase my regular repayment online so will love it when I can easily make small regular voluntary repayments when the finances allow.

As a work around in the meantime, the ability to adjust your regular repayments to a home loan is available online. Could you try adjusting it upwards for one payment and then adjusting back down again afterwards? The other option is just to type the lump-sum request into a secure email for action. (Under Contact in the main menu). That might be more convenient than phoning?

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TotalMoney is another option, move funds into a savings account, set up for offsetting.

I have it set up as an offset, but in cases where you are offsetting more and want to pay if off the load, you should be able to easily.

Today I have sent a secure mail as suggested by Megan, that can take two days to action.

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The amount I was trying to pay off was more than the maximum allowable increase in repayments. I took your advice this month and sent a secure email, how long does it typically take for this to be actioned? Sent it on the 21st and hasn’t been actioned or acknowledged yet


Hi Mike, Typically the email team work on a 2 day turnaround. I just checked in with them and right now they are a wee bit behind and responses are taking about 3-4 days. Apologies for the delay. If your request isn’t actioned by end of day tomorrow, drop me a a note and I will follow up for you.

+1 for this feature. I could do this with my previous bank back in 2002!

It surely would save the contact center hundreds of phone calls and emails if this could be done online.


BNZ. The last post was 2 years ago… any movement to get this facility yet? Appear other NZ banks have this feature. ANZ for one.

Seems it’s not high on the bnz priority list. I’ve just been using the secure message feature but an instant transfer would be easier. Also would be nice to transfer silly little amounts like the cents in my accounts.

Hello people, Has this been sorted yet? I’ve just moved from ASB where you could click ‘make extra payment’ and you could make an extra payment onto your floating mortgage. (min $50). I LOVED this, especially as after you paid the amount, a message come up saying “congratulations, you have saved x years/months”