Mortgage payments and online banking

Hi there,

It would be useful to see the next mortgage payments in the ‘upcoming payments’ section of the online banking app - maybe just the next outgoing payment for each loan? Or an option that could be toggled for this?

Separately - On a day when a mortgage payment is made, the payment is applied to the mortgage in the morning but the funds don’t come out of the source account until late that day - can both transfers happen at the same time in the morning?


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Thanks for this feedback @adbl, we agree this is a bit odd and it’s something we’ve looked into and is on our list of things to improve in the future. We’ve also looked into showing the next mortgage payment in upcoming payments and will probably look at making both of these changes at the same time so the upcoming payment makes more sense, otherwise we might just add to the confusion. Any more questions, do let us know,