More than one account on same app

Just wandering if there is a way to have more than one persons account on the one app. My partner had just joined BNZ and we used to have two seperate apps for the two different bank accounts as he was with another bank, but now he’s with BNZ we can only seem to be able to log onto one account and can’t find anywhere else to log into his account in the same app. Is it possible to be able to have two seperate accounts using the one app?? Thanks

Hi @Joelle_manderson,

Our mobile apps utilise Mobile NetGuard, which is software embedded in the Mobile Banking app and offers a second layer of security. Unfortunately, this does mean there is a one to one relationship between devices and customers using the BNZ Mobile Banking app. Sorry.

If you have a tablet or iPad, we have an iPad app, and you can use the Android app on a tablet, which your partner could use. Hope this helps.