Money tranfer gone wrong!

A friend who is with BNZ also, put money through to my account today. And usually it’ll go straight through, but it didn’t and still hasn’t. Does this happen to anyone else? Tried calling BNZ, but was on hold for 20mins :cry: and they’re apparently busy. My account isn’t in overdraft or anything like that so i really don’t understand why this hasn’t worked… Any ideas anyone?

Hi @madelynalice, sounds unusual, has it appeared yet? Did you double check they’ve used the correct account number? If it’s still not appeared ask your friend to contact us as we’ll be able to look into their account and see what’s happened and put a trace on it if necessary :slight_smile:

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Hi yvonne, still no show in my account, very odd. im sure its the correct number, we have double checked it and re read it before putting the transaction through. i will ring bnz again and see if it was a fault on my end, and if not then i will notify my friend

Agree with Yvonne, supply the details and we can track the payment, and if it has gone to a wrong account, we can look at the process for trying to get these funds back.

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