Money tracking with BNZ

Such an easy solution, but where there is no will, there is now way.

Hi BNZ, any recent updates regarding money tracking/budgeting BNZ app?
If not, 1) Do you have any near term plans to introduce such app? 2)Is there a solution which will not require manual data exporting/importing?


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I added my thoughts for the budgeting app to the other thread. Even if BNZ do not wish to have a full-fledged app, just one for the Spending Diary would be appreciated. It would be good to know if buying a new pair of trainers that are on sale is going to run the risk of you not reaching your Needs/Fixed and Needs/Variable budgeted amounts.

An update in another thread has some promising news around an API - let’s see!

Yes. I saw that too. At least we can now look at third party Spending Diary apps that pull transaction info from BNZ, but I’d always prefer something integrated with BNZ Mobile Banking.

Same. Third party apps introduce the security risk by orders of magnitude. If something happens to a dedicated BNZ app within their system then there can’t be any finger pointing at other business(es) for the fault(s).