Mobile Wallets - Apple Pay

So with Semble being on android it’s clear BNZ are on point when it comes to mobile wallets. On my iPhone switching the region to US allows me to scan in a card on Apple Pay, say if BNZ were to somehow be the first to verify with Apple could I use Apple Pay in NZ. I’m dying to use it haha

Hi @CLWatson - When it comes to New Zealand we will be looking at it, I want to use it too!

What are the actual issues with this coming to NZ a year on and it seems development has been slow. I switched to BNZ for my every day banking specifically for you money but whoever implements Apple Pay first will definitely get my day to day banking!

Hi @RV1,

The timing of the release is driven by Apple, as they roll out Apple Pay market by market.


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Any news on Apple Pay? I personally have shifted some of my day to day transactions (the pay wave ones) to ANZ and suspect I’m not alone in this. I would prefer to stay with BNZ but at some stage juggling banks will get annoying.

BNZ don’t want to pay to have Apple Pay.

I have switched to ANZ for this service also.

Yep I am doing the same…it’s quite cute using my Apple Watch. The check-out operators are suitable impressed to see an old codger like me using the latest tech. BNZ get with it!!! :slight_smile:

Same here. Just in the process of applying for ANZ card now. Can’t see BNZ getting Apple Pay anytime soon with its parent bank fighting Apple in Oz over access etc etc

Used Apple Pay twice today. It’s great!