Mobile wallet beta testing


@Yvonne I am wanting to join the BNZ app beta team, I am a heavy user of the Paywave / Tap and go system.

On my old phone a HTC one M8 I used to use Semble but as my new phone a Nexus 6P does not support Semble and I want to be able to use the NFC feature on my phone so if BNZ is planning on adding a pay and go feature like what ASB has I would love to be part of the team to test it.

Talking tech and banking on the go

Thanks for your interest, Grady. I’m not sure exactly what the team has on their plate right now but good to know you’re keen if/when any developments roll around.

@Eric, @Nick - FYI for future mobile beta testing


Keen also if needed.


Hi @Thomas & @GradyACN,

We have a few things lined up that we could show you guys. Also we could run through some usability testing and get your feedback, if you’re interested, and in Wellington?



I am interested just not in Wellington.


@Eric I’m in Wellington and happy to come in and provide feedback again.


Hi Eric, I too am based in Wellington and happy to help out with usability testing etc. I’m an iPhone/apple watch/iPad user so can beta test anything related to that and apple pay etc.


Hi @RV1, @Thomas, @GradyACN,

Cool. I will get in touch when we have something ready to share.



Hey, I’m in Wellington and work for BNZ. Interested in testing


Hi @Luke_Becker,

Cool - I will be in touch.