Mobile BNZ - Hanmer Springs / West Coast Schedule

We are really excited to introduce Zed, our great new Mobile BNZ that will soon be visiting Hanmer Springs, Reefton and Westport over coming months.

From 21 June we will begin a two week schedule as follows:
Week 1 - Hanmer Springs; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11am - 2pm

Week 2:
Reefton - Monday - 12-4pm, Tuesday 10am - 3pm
Westport - Wednesday 10am - 3pm, Thursday 9am - 1pm

Then we begin again with Week 1

We look forward to you visiting us soon.

Well, you know what they say about best laid plans? Unfortunately we have had an unexpected glitch so we can’t make it to Hanmer Springs today (8th June) as we had planned. We will get it sorted as quickly as we can help you with your cashless banking needs.

All issues now sorted and we are here in Hanmer Springs today (Wednesday) and back again tomorrow (Thursday). We are currently outside the Library however will give other location outside pools a go tomorrow