Mobile apps - do you have one?

When I first downloaded a mobile banking app onto my phone it was a revelation! I use it every day and now that I’ve had this level of instant access to my finances I can’t do without it.

Do you have a banking app on your phone? Has mobile banking changed the way you stay on top of your finances?

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I love the YouMoney App!! I cant remember life without it!
I really like the way we can simply open new accounts, and the ability to personalise them with our own pics and nicknames!.

I found that with personalising my accounts I was more interested in them, I would check them more regularly and I was excited to watch them grow.
I say, YouMoney has helped me be good with money!


I love, love, love the BNZ mobile app. The last time I logged into internet banking I had to wipe the dust off my laptop : )

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Do 99% of my banking now on the mobile app. Transfers, payments, transactions real time so I can update my budget spreadsheet. Very seldom use Internet Banking, would be lost without my mobile app.

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I love the mobile app - especially the preference menu where you can choose to get balances without having to log in, discovered that a few weeks back, mind blow!!


Love the mobile banking app, I actually don’t know how I ever did anything without it! I use it for majority of my banking now, and it seems to just keep getting better and better :slight_smile:

I too have a mobile app (one on iPhone and one on ipad).  It is staggeringly handy BUT it does make it terribly easy to move money around from one account to another when a new shiny thing catches your eye and insists you need it!


I have the BNZ app on my mobile and I love it! So handy when I’m out and about and want to check my balance, transfer money etc. I used to use phone banking but haven’t done so since I downloaded the app.

Personally don’t have the app, nor a smart phone.
I much prefer the online YouMoney and over-the-counter withdrawals.


There are just a handful of things that I would do outside of the BNZ mobile app to do my banking. One of them is doing searches for all payments made to a bill payee. The search functionality on the website is pretty fantastic and would love to see some of that funky stuff on the mobile app.

Love the mobile app, simple to use and the immediate balances without logging in is a great feature!

I use online banking heaps- rarely use the call centre, rarely use a Store but haven’t got the mobile app-yet.  In fact yesterday was the first time when I needed to transfer money and was out of town without my laptop and thought maybe I better download the mobile app.  Great to see so many positive comments- maybe I should give it a go.  Does it use up much memory? My phone is pretty chocka (too many photos) 

As far as mobile apps go it is pretty compact around 8Mb

Crisis evaded by Mobile top up.

When someone forgot to put credit on their phone  on a Friday night. Thanks to the cities free wifi. That someone managed to top up their phone credit using the mobile app so he could call the wife.

You never know when you need it :slight_smile:

Available to Vodafone & 2degrees customers at this stage.


Definitely all I ever use. Smart Phones have ended the need for computers for me.

I use the mobile app all the time.  So handy.

I love the app, but would love it even more if there was a provision to set up AP’s via the app, without having to go to full site.


Love the android app. Would like to do AP’s within the app though. Also could you pleeeease write a Windows Phone app, Bnz is the only thing missing on my new phone!

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I agree, ive been patiently waiting for the Windows phone app for 10-11 months now and I would not go back to Andriod, not even over apps.

Unfortunately for the apps that I use day-to-day there are still some views/options/settings that can only be accessed via the web version. However, for the day-to-day tasks they serve well and make efficient use of my time. And the BNZ app is leaps and bounds ahead, even of the bank apps here in OZ, I’ve checked!

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