Mobile app unique pictures

I tried to personalise the picture that represents my individual bank accounts via the mobile app the other day and it no longer gives me the option to download a picture I’ve saved.
It only gives the option to chose a picture Bnz have loaded themselves
I’m able to do this on the full website but when will this feature be returning to the app

Hi @greenschemes,

There is a phone permission, that the app needs, to be able to access your photos. If you have said no to this request in the past, we can’t access your saved photos

For Android - if you going into the Application Manager via Settings, select the BNZ app, click on permissions and turn on Storage, this should fix your issue.

For iOS - Go to Settings, Privacy, Photos and turn on BNZ mobile.

If you want to take a photo for an account image, we need the Camera permission, turn this on as above, but select Camera.



Thank you :slight_smile: