Mobile App 2FA toast notification: add approve/deny

Hi There,

I’ve sent feedback quite a long time ago with no response, why don’t you do what most companies do today to add an approve/deny button on the toast notification of the app? There is no point in opening the App to approve the 2FA, consuming phone resources, time and patience.

This is how Microsoft Authenticator does it:

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Hi @Chares, thanks for picking this up and believe me this is something that the team is eager to do. As you can imagine we have a lot of competing priorities, this is on our list of enhancements but I can’t say when we will get to it.

Hi @Milan thanks for answering, its good that its at least somewhere on the backlog.

There’s also the issue that you get the 2FA notification even if the Mobile services are down for maintenance or have issues. the 2FA push shouldn’t happen if the Approve/Deny screen cannot be seen.