Mismatch Daily Statements v Monthly Statements

I regularly use the Smart ATM at one BNZ Branch to make Cash Deposits… The Tellers advise this saves them time so encourage its use so I comply and do not bother them…
I always want to have a reference display against the Deposit for audit trail purposes and the Smart ATM has a keyboard which allows me to key in that reference… When I use Internet Banking to download and save each day’s transaction the Reference shows as I keyed it.
When HOWEVER I download my Monthly Statement my reference does not show - instead the last 12 digits on the front of my EFTPOS Card the same as my EDFTPOS debits to my account. This is useless so I have to back track to other sources and then handwrite the true reference on my Printed Monthly Statement.
Surely this is a Programming error which IT Dept. needs to fix so that both Downloads show the proper references.

NeilF784 I have raised this with the team that looks after the development of the Smart ATM’s. Will update once I have more information.

NeilF784 I can advise the following:

• Smart ATM team have been made aware of this issue and they are investigating what can be done about it
• In the meantime can you private message me account and your details so the Smart ATM Team, can look at your statement set up to see if we can apply a fix for your statements.

Update. Thanks for your perseverance with us Neil. Glad we have been able to resolve your problem.