Maths 101


Oh for goodness sake bnz, can I recommend a course in primary school maths?

The balance is $30.56 now I add $125 and the balance is $180.56. Seriously? What school do you guys go to?

Let me help you. Take the little numbers first, and add them up, carry the big numbers across when they exceed 110… ah, why do I bother.

Like I said in Oct 2016, don’t you, as a bank, have an obligation to provide a true and accurate reflection of transactions? No, there is no merchant involved. It’s an interaccount transfer.


Hi there, thanks a lot for your message. There could possibly be something pending, hence these discrepancies. If you could send us a message via internet banking with your access number we could investigate this for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have any other questions, feedback or concerns. Thanks :slight_smile:


Ah don’t stress. I’ll send the messge, you’ll tell me you’re onto it. I’ll pretend I believe you. You’ll pretend you care. The problem will resolve itself somewhere.