Managing automatic payments

How come it is so unbelievably difficult ot manage automatic payments? Every automatic payment requires human intervention. Doesn’t matter if it’s for $1 or $1billion. And then when the payments have been setup one cannot see them anywhere, modify them, stop them. It just goes into some black hole in the IT manager’s desk drawer and I have to wait two days for a reply to my secure mail which will consist of 4 pages of introductory waffle, before finally getting to the point that this is somehow my fault I’m not able to use the feature bnz didn’t design.

And before someone mentions “upcoming payments” I’m not talking about something payment happening tonight.

Hello, when an automatic payment is setup from a personal or joint account, this will be automatically linked to your Internet Banking access for you to be able to see and amend. If the automatic payment is for a trust, business, childrens account, or an account in someone else’s name, we need to check the authority you have on the account to be able to link this manually to your Internet Banking access. If you require an automatic payment to be linked, and do not want to wait for a reply through secure mail, please contact us on 0800 275 269, and we can assist you this way. If the automatic payment is from a personal or joint account, please also contact us as we will need to investigate this further for you.


According to your support line:

I must click on the refresh icon. And then I can do all this things. Except that I can’t. Here’s my summary:

  • Amend the next payment due date
    No, it’s not editable.

  • Amend the frequency
    No, it’s not editable.

  • Change the amount up to $10,000.00 (please contact us for changes over this amount

  • Suspend up to 9 Payments

  • Amend the statement details for your
    No, it’s not editable.

  • Cancel the Automatic Payment (no charge)
    No, it’s not editable.

Are you sure you’re looking at the right banking system? You do know that bnz changed to a new banking system with less features… right?


Please follow the link below to view the information on our website about how to amend these payments:

As I cannot identify you through this channel to be able to assist with your enquiry, and if you are having issues with doing this, I suggest you contact us over the phone so we can walk you through the process, or pop into any BNZ store.

Thank you


Dear Krystal,

I’m not sure you’re actually listening to what I’m saying. Here is a copy and paste from the website you directed me to above:

Editing an automatic payment

You can edit existing automatic payments in Internet Banking, including the amount of the payment (up to a limit of $10,000):
From the main screen, click on the account that the automatic payment comes from
Under the ‘Upcoming’ heading, click on the payment that you want to edit
In the popup, edit the details you want to change
Click ‘Save’, and then ‘Confirm’.

Except that it is not true. If you actually login, I mean actually follow the steps outlined above you will see that it doesn’t work.

As for your help line, they tried the same explanation, and then discovered after much debate, that “Clicking on Upcoming” inside the account is wrong. What one is apparently supposed to do, is scroll to the right of the sreen, where another set of menus will reveal themselves. They look exactly the same as what is inside the account, except they actually work.

Do me a favour please, and fix the help text.

Strange. These help instructions worked for me. There are 2 ways to edit an AP. From inside the account as it says in the help AND also from the upcoming payments section on the right hand side of the main page. Effectively, anywhere you find your payment you can just click on it to edit or delete it.