Making extra payments to my variable home loan via Internet banking

Hi @Choccy12, it isn’t available yet but we are actively developing it. I don’t want to give a date for it yet as it’s bundled together with another feature but I will reach out to you with some designs once we’ve a bit further along.
Thanks for following up,

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I’m also waiting for this feature and disappointed to see that I can’t make any extra payment through app or online. I tried through by sending a secure message but don’t think it’s an efficient channel. I sent a request 3 days ago but the request is not actioned yet. Can you please expedite this feature in your releases for the benefit of customers.

Hi Luke,

Surely this feature is up and running by now? Any updates?

shashi it seems this is not a priority. NAB - BNZ’s parent company has had this feature for years yet it’s still “in development” here. It’s a shame because BNZ advertise helping us be “Good with our money” yet this feature is taking years to roll out

@LukeB 3 years from this post and we are still eagerly awaiting this feature. Seems by the time it’s ready I’ll be mortgage free anyway

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