Making a payment for Tax?

Sometimes life hands you a bill, and if it’s for a tax payment, here’s how you can make the payment yourself through Internet Banking.

Step 1 - Once logged into Internet Banking, select ‘Someone new’ under the ‘Quick pay’ section at the bottom of the page.
quick pay menu
Step 2 – Select ‘One-off payment’
Step 3 – To make a payment for Tax, for the ‘Payee name’ start typing ‘Tax’. From here you can select the tax payment that needs to be made.
tax payment menu
Step 4 – From here you can add all the appropriate information needed. It will let you know what information you need to provide for each of the different payments.

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How do you set up a automatic payment for the tax department.

It seems I have to manually get their account number and enter information myself which is not that user friendly when it prepopulates when doing a 1 off payment