Making a payment for a Police Infringement?

If you happen to get a fine that needs to be paid for the Police Infringement Bureau, here is how you can make this payment yourself through Internet Banking.
Step 1 - Once logged into Internet Banking, select ‘Someone new’ under the ‘Quick pay’ section at the bottom of the page.
quick pay menu
Step 2 – Select ‘Add a payee’
Step 3 - Under ‘Payee name’ start typing ‘Police Infringement’
police infringment
Step 4 – From here you will be able to enter in the appropriate information and the references required by the police.
Step 5 – Select ‘Add’
Step 6 – You will see the Payee for the Police Infringement Bureau now loaded under the ‘Quick Pay’ section. From here you will be able to drag and drop from your account to this payee to make the payment.
Handy hint – if you have multiple fines, make sure that each time you make the payment for each fine, you ‘Edit’ the reference with the appropriate police reference number. To Edit the payee, hover your mouse over the payee and select the pencil that will show (like below). You can also delete the payee if you no longer need it here too.
edit payee


This doesn’t actually work the only available payee is “POLICE INFRINGEMENT” when you select this payee the details, code and reference fields for the payee are greyed out and you cannot edit them you can only add this information for yourself. This prevents you from adding the necessary details for the the police to be able to verify your payment against their infringement notice, license number and car registration. I sent the payment thinking that the details added for my own records would somehow be transferred across and had my payment returned delaying payment and resulting in a reminder being sent. Come on BNZ if your going to have this payee set up to make internet transactions possible at least get it right. At the moment its a useless feature.



Hi David, I’ve just double checked this process on my personal Internet Banking and have had no issues loading the payee with the reference details of my choice. I would recommend giving our Technical Helpdesk a call on 0800 269 4242 when you can, so that we can investigate the issue further for you. Thanks, Emma

I just tried again and “Particulars, Code and Reference” for the Payee are greyed out with the words “BNZ BILL PAY” in the “Reference” field for the payee. I can’t add or edit anything in these fields.

@Kahu Are you doing this on a desktop or in the mobile app. I have used desktop this morning and it is exactly as it is described at the top of the page?

On a desktop computer. I’ve tried this using my home computer and my work computer. I’ve also tried it using Google Chrome and MS Internet Explorer with the same result "Particulars, Code and Reference” for the Payee are greyed out with the words “BNZ BILL PAY” in the “Reference” field for the payee.

@Kahu Are you getting these errors at creation for the 1st time or after you have created and you are now trying to amend? I do believe your best option will be to contact our Technical Helpdesk on 0800 269 4242. They are the subject matter experts that will be able to investigate your problem further. Sorry for the inconvenience at present.

Because it might help other users, this from the police website: Log onto your bank website and search for Police Infringement Bureau or Safety Infringements in the payees list. Use the notice number as the Particular, the vehicle registration as the Code and the Drivers Licence as the Reference.