Making a payment for a Police Infringement?



If you happen to get a fine that needs to be paid for the Police Infringement Bureau, here is how you can make this payment yourself through Internet Banking.
Step 1 - Once logged into Internet Banking, select ‘Someone new’ under the ‘Quick pay’ section at the bottom of the page.
quick pay menu
Step 2 – Select ‘Add a payee’
Step 3 - Under ‘Payee name’ start typing ‘Police Infringement’
police infringment
Step 4 – From here you will be able to enter in the appropriate information and the references required by the police.
Step 5 – Select ‘Add’
Step 6 – You will see the Payee for the Police Infringement Bureau now loaded under the ‘Quick Pay’ section. From here you will be able to drag and drop from your account to this payee to make the payment.
Handy hint – if you have multiple fines, make sure that each time you make the payment for each fine, you ‘Edit’ the reference with the appropriate police reference number. To Edit the payee, hover your mouse over the payee and select the pencil that will show (like below). You can also delete the payee if you no longer need it here too.
edit payee