Lost access number

I’ve lost my access number and can’t log in from overseas, is there any way to get into my account somehow or do I need to ring the international number?

Hello Hurix, your access number can be located on the back of some of your cards. If you do not currently have a card that has the access number on it then yes you will need to call our contact centre on the international number +64 4 931 8209
Regards ^Darci

yup, done that, they can’t give me access to my account over the phone… what next?.. :frowning:

Kia ora @hurix :slightly_smiling_face: I’m sorry to hear that - your access number is not something that we’re able to provide over a non-secure channel - if you’re able to complete your details here - Email us - BNZ we may be able to arrange to have someone get in contact with you about gaining access to your accounts ^Alisha

Ok, I did that and got this reply:

To assist with your enquiry, please contact BNZ using a secure channel by calling BNZ on one of the numbers listed below, visiting a BNZ branch with valid photo ID or sending a secure message via Internet Banking or the Mobile App.

I’ve already rung the overseas number and they said they can’t do anything over the phone, I’ve emailed the link you gave me and got the above, I also can’t visit a branch because I’m overseas, I also can’t send a secure message because I can’t get into my online banking account which is the whole problem to start with, this is getting ridiculous

Thanks @hurix I’m really sorry that you received that reply, we should have definitely been able to assist you in some way so this is relatively disappointing. When you’re calling from overseas, if we’re not able to identify you through our normal methods, we do have an overseas identification process - however I’m sorry to hear that this was not offered when you called through. As this is a public forum, I can’t assist you through here, but if you want to reach out to us via social media - either Facebook or Twitter, and send us a DM, we can see if we can assist you over there ^Alisha