Long call hold times even for urgent enquiries

Absolutely appalling wait times even for an urgent inquiry.
If you cant pick up calls within 30 long minutes atleast, shut the useless facility.
very annoying…Im on the 4th call and still waiting for 18 mins


Absolutely agree about the appalling wait times. If the call centre can’t employ more staff, then how about setting up a “we’ll call you back and you won’t lose your place in the queue” service, like the IRD and many large businesses?


I am due to re-fix one of my mortgage rates. Called the number and get to hold. Then the hold music finishes and a short while later the system hangs up on me. Has happened twice!!! How can i refix with you when you can’t answer calls?

I am new to this and only signed in out of sheer frustration. I work in a contact centre myself and cannot believe the lack of service. I have emailed 3 times on 16th feb, spoke to someone after 39 mins of holding to be told someone would call me today at 5.10pm, never happened. Just want to sort of some basic banking. Even went into a branch to be told 3 days for an appointment. Sorry, just had to vent. What is going on.

I sympathise and I really have to wonder how many of the calls could be served with self-service options if they were made available. For example, I applied for a credit card for a balance transfer, I was asked what I wanted to use it for (I chose ‘balance transfer’) and yet there was no option to actually specify how much I want to transfer over and what the credit limit of that credit card I am transferring from. Something that could have been easily addressed by adding a couple more input boxes which would have avoided me having to send a secure email via the internet banking which I am now waiting for a reply. Temporary lock put on the card, the ability to activate and change the PIN online etc. so many things could be automated thus leaving the “I really need to speak to someone because this is something that is gone way over my head” inquiries for the call centre to deal with rather than thousands of low hanging telephone calls that could be avoided with better self service options.

Same issue, branch too busy, no reply 5 business days later to a secure message and 2 30 min sessions on hold! Simple enquiries too

Totally agree. No matter what time I call they would always have high call volumes and I’ve given up on secure messages if you have to wait five days for a reply. And if they don’t complete the request properly, you then have to reply and it takes another week for them to respond and action it! I’m switching to ANZ. Always answer the phone if not straight away, in a few minutes and reply to internet banking messages the same/next day.

Hilarious to then get some marketing info “The BNZ Good Report” “As we move further into the year, you can expect a customer-focused attitude to be at the heart of my ambitions for BNZ.” 5 days for my secure message reply too and 28 mins wait on the phone. If you can’t reply in 2 days don’t say you will. Anyway moved my deposits to Rabo yesterday, what a joke BNZ. In the past always fantastic phone service.

I agree, a “we’ll call you back” would be a great thing.

The only way to speed up things is to go for voice-identification. That, however, will not get your call answered any sooner but cut down on the time required to identify yourself.

Hi acs9,

The thing with calling is it is the most convenient contact, requiring the least work to action on customer’s behalf. Therefore it is the most popular meaning it will always be congested especially if you are ringing at convenient times.
I find with any company putting in a bit of work upfront always gives me a better result, ie finding that reference number, researching what is needed before making contact, or logging into their website before trying to contact.

In our case, logging into internet banking and using secure messaging for non-urgent requests is far superior to waiting on the phone as when you login, you verify your identity and authority on the account - easier for you, faster for staff. It also means zero wait time, just login, go to menu, click contact, write your message hit send, continue with your life then check back later for the reply.

I understand this doesn’t help for urgent inquiries, but using internet banking - and specifically using secure messaging for all those little questions not worth waiting on the phone for, can actually prevent urgent situations from happening.

If anyone isn’t comfortable using internet banking pop into a branch for a tutorial or have a nosey through this: https://www.bnz.co.nz/support

I hope this helps