Loading Pin on replacement/new cards

Why can’t I add my personal pin to my new debit card or eftpos via my Ipad BNZ APP or mobile APP surely it’s safe because you have to log in I lost my wallet last week and when the cards arrived I had to go to a BNZ branch to do this but my ASB card no problem done in less than 30seconds via my ASB iPad APP?


+1. This would be an awesome feature.

Hi @zoomee69

Don’t worry, we have talked about this in the past and it still features highly on the list of things we want to deliver to our customers as soon as possible, this as well as some other cool card controls.

Yes, I agree, there are some things a that you just don’t want to have to take time out of your day to either call or go into a store for and we will be working to reduce the need for this in the future. I can’t give you any timeframes but rest assured they are on the list.

Thanks Milan

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Hello there,
It’s been a little over one year since this issue was talked about

Any good news yet though?


@Kiwi79 sorry nothing new yet. We are juggling a lot of cools things at the moment and this is still on the list. Android Pay was a focus recently and we are working through what is next. Again, no concrete timeframes for you.


Thanks Milan
I know , you can’t do much about it personally but there are many Kiwi’s outside NZ and if for any reason they needed a replacement card , they would have to fly back to NZ to get a pin loaded ???

Thanks again

You’ll be glad to know @Kiwi79 that although PIN numbers still can’t be loaded unless you visit a Bnz store, there have been recent changes to the pins on cards that are ordered.

If your card is reissued due to expiry or if the card is faulty or damaged, the PIN number automatically transfers to the new card (this has not changed)

However if the card is reissued due to it being lost, stolen or having fraudulent activity occur then most cards now will come with the existing pin loaded onto the new card; BUT this is only the case if the previous card has been used with the PIN number within 30 days of the issue of the new card.

If this is not the case, then yes unfortunately the card will arrive without a PIN number and will need to be loaded once the card owner arrives back in New Zealand and visits a Bnz store with photo ID. You can still manually activate the card for online purchases and payWave by contacting our call centre or sending a secure message through your internet banking.