Living overseas card expried


I’ve moved from New Zeland 2 years ago. Living overseas my credit card and Netguard card has expired. I would like to connect to my bank account but how can I proceed ? I’ve called many times the support number without any reply.

Please help

Hi Ingrid thanks for contacting us! We will definitely need to speak with you and get you identified to assist. Can you please confirm what number you are trying. Our overseas number is +64 4 931 8209

Hi Jason,

This is defini=etely the number i’m trying to call.

Waiting time is very long. As I’m living in New Caledonia since 2 years it is hard for me to stay on the phone more than 20 min.

Could you please advise how we can proceed with this ?

Thanks for getting back to me Ingrid! I have sent you a PM.