List of payments ready to pay

In the new look internet format where can I pull up a list of payments I have set up ready to pay. In the old format this is available under payments.

Hi @LucyB,

The sidebar on the right hand side of the screen displays your upcoming payments, if it has been closed in the past, you can click on the search field, top right, to open it.

You will also be able to see your upcoming payments by clicking on the account you have made them from.


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Yes, Eric I am aware of both those screens, but there is nowhere in the new format where you can see a list of payments / transfers from all accounts as there is in the old format. This is important to the way I manage my bank accounts. If it is not possible to have this available by the time the old format is closed at the end of July, then the bank should leave the old format there.

Hi LucyB, Take a look at your sidebar on the main page. It lists all upcoming payments and transfers across all of your accounts in one place, in a timeline order. I hope this helps.

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