Lifestyle benefits - smartphones

Just received the booklet about the lifestyle benefit discounts. The section at the end with restaurant discounts looks good, but what if you don’t have a smart phone?

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Hey @bright1, great question! You do need a smartphone to take advantage of the offers. There are a whole heap of logistical and reporting reasons behind why it has to be a digitally driven offer, and unfortunately using a card or similar just wasn’t an option. Sorry about that, if that excludes you :disappointed:

My understanding was you could use the app or if you don’t have that then you use the vouchers from the book, am I wrong in thinking that?

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You can use both - the vouchers are traditional ‘Entertainment Book’ one-time use vouchers (don’t need the app to redeem them) that must be used this year, but if you want to take advantage of the ongoing Lifestyle Benefits (the restaurants listed in the back of the booklet and other leisure activities that will be rolled out over time) then you’ll need the BNZ app.

So, if you have the BNZ app on your smartphone then you have vouchers + ongoing Lifestyle Benefits access. If you don’t have a smartphone then you’d have the vouchers.

I have just heard about the discount booklets for BNZ customers how do you go about getting one of these.

Hi @Foster, the Lifestyle Benefits booklets were sent out to our BNZ Recognition customers - you can find out more about this programme on BNZ’s website:

I have a smart phone but it’s Windows. Doesn’t have the app! I rang the bank and they told me I could use the webpage and then the voucher would be emailed to me. I’ve yet to find the website and test this. Seems a shame to roll something out and then have it be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Hi Rin, if you’re an existing Advantage Dining member then you’ll be able to access the offers via the webpage when you’re logged in - find it here

Will pass your feedback about the Windows phones on to the team for consideration :slight_smile:

Dear Yvonne,

I have been to the first page for the Advantage Dining offer on my computer
but can’t get past the first page as I don’t have an Access code. I’ve
tried using the number on the back of my debit card but it isn’t that. The
page says it is a code the bank will ‘send you’.

Next step please.
Linley and Richard. (Rin)


Hi @Rin, I can look into this for you - will send a PM shortly

it would be nice to know what the ACTUAL criteria is to get this benefit